Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cookie and Cathy

"Out of the Blue," I received a phone call from a lovely woman.  She said she had been carrying my card around for four years since she had purchased a some of my Flora Bead jewelry at the New Mexico Arts and Crafts show.

She said she looked for me every year since and she could never find me.  Since I joined Yucca Art Gallery and started teaching I haven't had as much time for shows...or I admit, had wanted to do one.

We made arrangements that Cookie and her pal Cathy come to the house and see what I had left in that line which amounted to about 10 pair of earrings and one pendant.  Not much to choose from.

They were so sweet, wanting to see some of everything I had been working on over the years.  You who follow my work know that I have a kind of "Art ADD."  It's very hard to keep making the same style of work for too long.  Polymer clay has sooo many applications and that it's just too much fun playing.

Anyhow, they settled on gifts for 2 friends and gifts for themselves.  Cookie said that she had always wanted a Flora Bead Bracelet and wondered if she could special order her very own.  How could I say no?  Such fun ladies, I felt like we were already old friends.

So, she hasn't seen this one yet...the flowers are actually smaller than I used to make for the bracelets so we'll see if she likes it.  I'll make another blue and pink (the requested colors) so that she can pick.

She may have opened up a can of worms again! :-)


Tammy Adams said...

Fabulous story. How great that she kept your card and was able to find you. And the bracelet is a beauty. The details in the petals are wonderful. I too suffer from craft ADD. I wonder if there's a support group? Oh wait, I think the meetings are being held at my local arts and craft supply stores.

Barb Fajardo said...

LOL! Funny Tammy...I'm right there with ya :-)

Unknown said...

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