Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Company of Women...

Here is the pendant that I started on Halloween Day in Santa Fe.  I had brought the earrings from PCD and Cynthia's book because I wanted donate them to her and the Samunnat Project.

After getting settled in the workspace the gals set up for me, I fiddled and made some ugglly stuff.  I had no direction and was totally stuck.  I stopped and looked to my right.  I hadn't noticed some beautiful wadded up balls of colorful clay.  I think those colored wads, the company of the artists and thinking about the Nepalese women and the earrings that I brought, inspired me to use my "Southwestern Palette" to create some pendants.

The curling ochre parts of the pendant was all I was able to get cured in the oven before it was time to head back Albuquerque.  Time flew by so quickly, but those few hours with some wonderful artists led me in a new direction :-)

While you're online this cyber Monday, "You too" can help the women build their second story of their new building...just click here.

Best Wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and a Peaceful New Year!

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Goldilocks816 said...

These are beautiful. You've given me some inspiration. Happy Holiday and Happy New Year to you and yours.